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Paolo Magaudda

Post Doctoral Researcher

CV PDF (M) paolo.magaudda@unipd.it (W) www.paomag.net

Paolo Magaudda (Ph.D. in Sociology 2007) works on the social and cultural implications of media and technologies in society. In 2012 he published the book Oggetti da ascoltare. Hifi, iPod e consumo delle tecnologie musicali; in 2011 he edited (with F. Neresini) the book La scienza in TV (il Mulino); in 2012 he has  also published a book on representations of science and technology in popular culture. In 2006 he was Visiting resarcher at McGill University in Montreal (Canada), in 2011 he was Visiting Researcher at the University of California Berkeley (USA) and In 2011 he also taught at the European Institute of Desing (Cagliari). He is member of the Board of Directors of the journal “Cultural Studies” (il Mulino) and founder and coordinator of “Tecnoscienza – Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies” (www.tecnoscienza.net). He has published dozens of articles and essays in edited books and national and international journals, including «Appetite», «Modern Italy», «Journal of Consumer Culture», «Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia», «Studi Culturali», «Sociologica» e «il Mulino».


2014 - Storia dei media digitali: rivoluzioni e continuità, con Gabriele Balbi, Bari-Roma, Laterza.

2014 - The Broken Boundaries between Science and Technology Studies and Cultural Sociology: Introduction to an Interview with Trevor Pinch, in “Cultural Sociology” 8(1), pp. 63-76.

2014 - Responsibility in Nanotechnology Development, Edited by Simone Arnaldi, Arianna Ferrari, Paolo Magaudda and Francesca Marin, Springer.

2014 Digitilizzazione e consumi culturali in Italia. Mercati, infrastrutture e appropriazione delle tecnologie mediali, in “Polis”,  XXVIII, 3, pp. 417-438.

2014 - Bourdieu e il «capitale socio-tecnico». Gusti estetici e uso delle tecnologie nell’ascolto musicale HiFi, in “Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia”, LV, n. 1,  pp. 99-119.

2013 - Tecnologie pop. Brand, culti e mode della Applein ”Zone Moda Journal”,  3, pp. 78-86.

2012 - Oggetti da ascoltare. HiFi, iPod e consumo delle tecnologie musicali, il Mulino, Bologna.

2012 - What happens to materiality in digital virtual consumption? in Denegri-Knott, J. and Molesworth, M. Digital Virtual Consumption, London, Routledge.

2012 - How to make a “hackintosh”. A journey into the “consumerization” of hacking practices and culture, in “Journal of Peer Production”, 2 – Special Issue: Bio/Hardware Hacking.

2011  (a cura di) La scienza sullo schermo. Le rappresentazioni della tecnoscienza nella televisione italiana, il Mulino, Bologna (co-curatore Neresini F.).

2011 «When materiality ‘bites back’. Digital music consumption practices in the age of dematerialization», JOURNAL OF CONSUMER CULTURE, Vol. 11 no. 1, pp. 15-36.

2011 “’Space is the Place’. The global localities of Sònar and Womad music festivals” in Delanty, Giorni and Sassatelli (eds) Festival and the public cultural spere London, Routledge (co-author Chalcraft J.).