Research Areas

Pa.S.T.I.S. promotes, implements, and coordinates research, consultancy and training activities, with the aim of sharing knowledge and developing projects involving subjects interested in scientific research, new technologies, use of the media, innovation processes and environmental sustainability. These activities are carried out by the members of the research unit both through studies and research commissioned ad hoc and through specific consultancy and training activities aimed at entities and professionals. There are five research areas within which PaSTIS activities are distributed.

Health, Medicine and Technology

PaSTIS researchers are interested in analysing the transformations of biomedical research, with particular attention to the relationship between treatment practices and innovation processes in the medical and health sector.

Particular attention is paid to the affirmation of new professionals in the sector, such as bio-statisticians and bio-informaticians:

Translational research
Big data and biomedical research
Personalized medicine
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Media and digital technologies

This area in PaSTIS research is represented by the analysis of media and communication technologies, with an emphasis on the digital world.

The area is articulated in four sub-areas.

Digital media, identity, and social relations
Media and technological innovation
Media, gender, sexualities, and intimacies
Digital media and education
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Environment, Sustainability and Territory

PaSTIS takes into consideration innovation processes in the quest for the environmental sustainability of human activities. An increasingly large share of basic research develops concerning the interest of environmental protection.

Environment, Sustainability and Territory

Talking about sustainability automatically leads to take into consideration territorial development paths and repercussions at the local level of specific infrastructural choices in the energy and mobility fields.
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Open science and open innovation

In the public debate as well as in politics and economic dynamics, innovation is now recognized as an element of central importance for the development of contemporary society.

The research within this area concerns various dimensions:

Innovation in the public sphere
Evolution of consumption in the digital society
Information infrastructures, design and standardization
Local innovation policies
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Technoscientific Issues in the Public Sphere

This area of PaSTIS activities concerns the presence of science and technology in the public sphere

The research activity is developed along three axes:

New frontiers of techno-scientific research
Science and technology in the media
Technoscientific controversies
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Pa.S.T.I.S. aims to intervene in the context of innovation by offering knowledge and tools useful for mediating between experts, citizens, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other actors. The paths developed along the five areas led Pa.S.T.I.S. to collaborate, among others, with the National Institute of Astrophysics – INAF, SINCOTRONE TRIESTE – SCPA, the Permanent Observatory on the conditions of young people of the Veneto Region, the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Venice, the Teaching Laboratory of the Planetarium of Bologna and the Veneto Regional Committee for Communications, the Center for Voluntary Service of the Province of Padua and the Federation of Artisan Entrepreneurs of Vicenza.