Call for participants in a Workshop within the ISRF 2021-2022 “Digital Intimacies and Emerging Adults in Southern Europe: Crisis, Pandemics and Resistances project”

We invite doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who are working in the following fields to participate in the Digital Intimacies and Emerging Adults two-day workshop which will take place at University of Padova (Italy) on 02 and 03 September  2022:

  • Sexual content production and consumption 
  • Sex workers and digital platforms
  • Discourses about platformed sex labour 
  • Sex industry and representations of the sexual body
  • Intersections of age, gender, race and sexuality
  • Sex work as aesthetic labour
  • Intimacy repertoires in public and private spaces
  • Social movement organizations around sex work and / or digital platforms
  • Debates about labour precarity and digital forms of work
  • Digital / online harassment connected to sex work
  • Censorship and regulation of the sex industry
  • The impact of mainstream financial companies in the pursuit of self-managed sex work
  • The multiple meanings of pornography, post-pornography and diversity in sexuality representation
  • The roles of physical media in a digital, networked, society
  • Porn literacies and intimate citizenship

The workshop will provide the participants the opportunity to discuss their research with the colleagues and a team of scholar experts in the field.

At the opening of each day the workshop will host a keynote speech from two relevant scholars in the field: Jamie Hakim and Katherine Tiidenberg that will also take part in the discussions with the participants.

For this Call, please kindly submit, in no more than 1000 (a thousand) words:

  • A short overview of the area of work you’re developing or plan to develop
  • A short overview of the type of data that you are collecting, and that you would like to discuss and present during the Workshop
  • A few ideas about the type of feedback that you would like to receive during this Workshop by the research specialists that will be attending
  • A short rationale about why you think this workshop will considerably develop your research skills and how it aligns with the topics and framework(s) you are currently working on, or intend to work on.

We also ask you to include your current academic status (e.g., postdoctoral research fellow, PhD student), your host institution(s), country of origin, and whether you have any specific accessibility requirements that might impact your participation in this event.

Please send your submissions by 22nd May 2022 using the form that you can find here:

The team:

Cosimo Marco Scarcelli – University of Padova, Italy (

Daniel Cardoso – Universidade Lusófona, Portugal; Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal (

Despina Chronaki – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (

Scientific Committee

Daniel Cardoso, Despina Chrnoaki, Mirco Costacurta, Jamie Hakim, Cosimo Marco Scarcelli, Katherine Tiidenberg.

Organisational Commitee

Mirco Costacurta, Matilde Francisca, Davide Gerardi, Giulia Giacomelli, Rachele Reschiglian, Maria Zappi.


DAY ONE – 2nd September 2022

14.30 Introduction

15.00 – 16.30: Keynote Jamie Hakim

17.00 – 19.00: Participants’ presentations 1

DAY TWO – 3rd September 2022

10.30 – 12.00: Keynote Katrin Tiidenberg

12.00-14.00: Break

14.00 – 16.00: Participants’ presentations 2

16.00-16.30: Break

16.30 – 18.30: Participants’ presentations 3 

18.30 – 19.00: Conclusion

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