Cosimo Marco Scarcelli (PhD in Social Sciences, 2013) is Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology at the University of Padua where he teaches Sociology of Digital Media and Sociology of Media.

His research interests deal with digital media with a focus on identities, young people, intimacy, gender, sexuality, digital literacy and media education.

He is a member of international research groups including Masculinity, Sex and Popular Culture; Young Adults and New Forms of Digital Intimacy, European Literacy Network and DigLitEY.

In Italy, he has been a member of several research groups and he has been in charge of the researches Representations of Young People and their Relationships with Smartphones, Growing Up Digital, Young People and Apps.

Since 2018 he has chaired the Gender&Communication section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association).

He has been a visiting scholar at the City University of New York, Dublin Institute of Technology and The Hague University.

He works as a trainer for public and private institutions on topics connected to young people and technology.

Recent Publication

(2015), Intimità digitali. Adolescenti, amore e sessualità ai tempi di internet, FrancoAngeli, Milano [Digital Intimacy]

(2019), Vite interconnesse: Pratiche digitali attraverso app, smartphone e piattaforme online, Meltemi, Roma (Con M. Drusian e P. Magaudda) [Interconnected lifes]

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(2015), “«it is disgusting, but…»: adolescent girls’ relationship to internet pornography as gender performance”, Porn Studies, 2 (2-3), pp. 237-249.

(forthcoming 2020), “Breaking the silence. Teens, sex information and the Internet in Italy and Portugal”, in C.M. Scarcelli, S. Baselga, C. Chronaki, S. De Vuyst (Eds), Gender and sexuality in the European media, Routledge, London (con D. Cardoso).

(2020), “Adolescents’ perspectives on sexting and pleasure. Some suggestion for going beyond moral panic”, in L. Tsaliki e D. Chronaki (eds.), Discourses of anxiety about childhood and youth across cultures, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

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