Digital Innovation in the Context of SMEs: A Transdisciplinary Approach

  • Year (from – to): 2019-2021
  • Scientific coordinator: Federico Neresini
  • Sponsor/s: F.A.I.V. Federazione Artigiani Imprenditori Vicentini


The research is funded by F.A.I.V. Federazione Artigiani Imprenditori Vicentini and focuses on digital innovation in the contexts of SMEs.

The research project involves the creation and supervision of an interdisciplinary Research and Development group operating within the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza, a laboratory dedicated to the promotion and development of digital innovation among SMEs in the perspective of Industry 4.0.

The group’s activities address issues of organizational change and technological innovation in relation to the digitalization of economy and society, and adopt a data-driven approach to implement services related to digital communication and business intelligence in the context of SMEs.

Research Area: Media and Digital Technologies