En-RRI – Enhancing RRI in the bottom-up co-creation of science and technology

  • Year: from 2020 to 2023
  • Scientific coordinator: Paolo Magaudda
  • Contact Person: Paolo Magaudda (paolo.magaudda@unipd.it)
  • Funded by Fondazione Cariplo – Milan (Italy). Bando RICERCA SOCIALE -SCIENZA TECNOLOGIA E SOCIETÀ 2019
  • Partners: Politecnico di Milano (Stefano Crabu), Università di Trieste (Simone Arnaldi)


The En-RRI project aims at rethinking the relationship between science, technology and society by producing empirically based analyses, scalable supporting actions and implementable guidance capable of fostering an effective integration of ‘bottom-up co-creation initiatives’ into RRI framework and policies.

More specifically, En-RRI’s main objectives are:

i) to produce reliable, evidence-based knowledge of the social dynamics, material conditions and cultural visions of science and society characterising emblematic bottom-up co-creation initiatives across Italy, within which three in-depth case studies will be developed;

ii) to collaborate with the organizers of these initiatives for creating actions and instruments coherent with RRI principles;

iii) to translate this work into guidelines and other tools which can be used to expand RRI outside institutionally driven innovation settings.

To achieve these objectives, En-RRI will carry out theoretically informed qualitative empirical research on and with co-creation initiatives, belonging to 3 main sectors: environment, health and medicine, and ICT and digital production.

Then, En-RRI will work on the translation of the empirical outcomes into guidance and other implementable instruments, including an ‘RRI bottom-up toolkit’, useful for a wide range of stakeholders, to foster RRI practices and policies related to citizen- based, grassroots and DIY innovation initiatives.

Research Area: Open science and open innovation