Francesco Miele

Research Fellow

Francesco Miele is a tenure track researcher at the University of Trieste and is part of the PaSTIS research unit. He received the Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento, Italy (2012), the National Scientific Habilitation for Associate Professor in 14 D1-Sociology of Economics and Work (from march 2017) and in 14 C1 – General Sociology (July 2020). He is also adjunct professor at University of Trento and at University of Verona. His main research interests regard the relationship between technology, care practices and organization.

He is currently involved in the project “Facing Dementia and Cognitive Impairment. A Transdisciplinary Approach through Supportive Care: a sociological perspective”, concerning the socio-organizational implications of supportive care approach in the management of older people with dementia.

Recent Publication

Miele F., Tirabeni, L. (2020) “Digital technologies and power dynamics in the organization: a conceptual review of remote working and wearable technologies at work”, Sociology Compass. 14(6): e12795.

Miele F., Neresini, F., Boniolo, G., Paccagnella, O. (2020) “Supportive care for older people with dementia: Socio-organisational implications”, Ageing and Society, 1-33. Online first 23 July 2020

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