Marco Rangone



Marco Rangone teaches Economics of Markets and population at the degree course in Sociology and Institutions of political economy at the three year degree of Political Science at the University of Padua.

PhD (1994) in Economics at the University of Ancona and Master of Science (1989) in Science, Technology and Industrialization in Brighton, University of Sussex, at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), he was researcher at the Centre for the Study on entrepreneurship F. Stork, Bocconi University, Milan (1992-94) and researcher at the Centre for Research on technology in developing countries “Ispa north/south”, Milan (1989-90).

His main research activity concerns the analysis of changes in the labor market and the problems of knowledge and learning, with particular attention to the evolution of local economic systems. He is also interested deepening theoretical institutionalist approach to economic problems.

Recent Publications:

2012 «From the Southern-European model to nowhere: the evolution of Italian capitalism 1976–2011», JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PUBLIC POLICY (co-autore S. Solari).

2012 «Southern European” capitalism and the social costs of business enteprise», STUDI E NOTE DI ECONOMIA, 1, 16, pp. 3-28 (co-autore S. Solari).

2011 “Tecnologie e incidenti sul lavoro in Tv: il caso Thyssen-Krupp” in Magaudda P. e Neresini F. (a cura di) La scienza sullo schermo. La rappresentazione della tecnoscienza nella televisione italiana, il Mulino, Bologna.

2009 “The dynamics of inter-firm relationships: an empirically oriented view of collective learning in local production systems” in Marangoni G.D.  e Solari S. (a cura di) Aggregazione industriale e internazionalizzazione della produzione,  CEDAM, pp. 155-172 (co-autore S. Solari).

2008 “Abstract vs. Practical Knowledge and Economic Policy. An Institutional Perspective” in Bini P. and Tusset G. (Eds.) Theory and Practice of Economic Policy, Tradition and Change,  F. Angeli, pp. 131-153.

2007 “Institutional Economics and the Substantive approach” in Asso P.F. and Fiorito L., Economics and Institutions. Contributions from the History of Economics, F. Angeli, pp. 317-340  (co-autore S. Solari).

2006 “Unemployment as a social cost” in Elsner W., Frigato P. and Ramazzotti P. (Eds.) Social Costs and Public Action in Modern Capitalism: Essays inspired by Karl William Kapp’s Theory of Social Costs, Routledge, pp. 100-140  (co-autore P. Ramazzotti).