Paolo Magaudda

Associate Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication

Paolo Magaudda is Associate Professor in Sociology of Culture and Communication and works with the PaSTIS Research Unit at the Department FISPPA. He teaches “Digital Innovation and Society”, “Technology and Society”. His main research interests regard the relationship between society, culture and technology and his principal fields are science & technology studies, media studies, consumer studies and sound studies.

His most recent books include: “Media Digitali” (with G. Balbi, Laterza, 2021, in italian); “Studi sociali sula scienza e la tecnologia” (edited with F.Neresini, Il Mulino, in italian)“A History of Digital Media: An Intermedia and Global Perspective” (with G. Balbi, Routledge, 2018), “Vite interconnesse. Pratiche digitali attraverso app, smartphone e piattaforme online” (Meltemi, 2019, with M. Drusian and M. Scarcelli, in italian). He has co-founded and edited during more than a decade the open access journal “Tecnoscienza: the Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies” and is currently Co-editor-in-Chief of the journal “Studi Culturali” (Il Mulino), member of the International Advisory Board of “Dancecult” (Griffith University) and Editorial Board of “Sociologica” (Unibo). From 2013 to 2018 he served as Secretary of STS Italia, the Italian Society for the Social Study of Science & Technology.

Recent Publication

(2020) Studi Sociali sulla scienza e la tecnologia (a cura di, con F. Neresini), Bologna, il Mulino.

(2020) Populism, Music And The Media. The Sanremo Festival And The Circulation Of Populist Discourses, in “PArtecipazione e COnflitto”, 13(1), pp. 132-153.

(2019) Special issue of “Sociologica” The Contamination of Practices (a cura di, con E. Mora), Sociologica” 13(3).

(2019) Vite interconnesse. Pratiche digitali attraverso smartphones, app e piattaforme, Milano, Mimesis (con M. Drusian and M. Scarcelli).

(2019) Practice Theory and Media Infrastructures: “Infrastructural Disclosures” in Smartphone Use (con T. Piccioni), in “Sociologica” 13(3), pp. 45-58.

(2019) Retromedia-in-practice: A practice theory approach for rethinking old and new media technologies (con S. Minniti), in “Corvengence”, Volume: 25 issue: 4, pp. 673-693

(2019) Infrastructures de la musique numérisée les promesses de la « révolution » de la blockchain, « Revue d’anthropologie des connaissances » 2019/3 Vol. 13, N°3, pp. 849-869. 

(2018) History of Digital Media. A Global and Intermedia Perspective, London, Routledge (con G. Balbi).

(2018) Fallimenti digitali. Un’archeologia dei “nuovi” media (a curadi, con G. Balbi), Milano, Unicopli.

(2018) Bottom-up Infrastructures: Aligning Politics and Technology in building a Wireless Community Network, (con S. Crabu), in “Journal of Computer Supported Cooperative Work”, 27 (2), pp. 149-176.