Scientific Articles Published by PaSTIS Research Unit Members

2023Giardullo, Paolo; Neresini, Federico; Magalhães, Joana; Luís, Cristina; Marín-González, Esther; Arias, RosaCitizen science and participatory science communication: an empirically informed discussion connecting research and theoryJCOM: Journal Of Science Communications10.22323/2.22020201Link
2023Neresini, Federico; Giardullo, Paolo; Di Buccio, Emanuele; Morsello, Barbara; Cammozzo, Alberto; Sciandra, Andrea; Boscolo, MarcoWhen scientific experts come to be media stars: An evolutionary model tested by analysing coronavirus media coverage across Italian newspapersPlos One10.1371/journal.pone.0284841Link
2023Zorzi, Virginia; Neresini, Federico; Cammozzo, AlbertoPublic communication of technoscience in the news: A cross-linguistic Multidimensional analysis of English and Italian newspapersDiscourse & Communication10.1177/17504813231185861
2023Giardullo, PaoloNon-experts’ participation in processes of scientific knowledge creation: The case of Citizen ScienceSociology Compass10.1111/soc4.13100
2023Bory, Paolo; Giardullo, Paolo; Tosoni, Simone; Turrini, Valentina ‘We will multiply the fires of resistance’: The catalysts of dissent against institutional science and their interplay with refused knowledge communitiesPublic Understanding Of Science10.1177/09636625221113524
2023Ferretti, Riccardo; Rubaltelli, Enrico; Sciandra, AndreaAnalysts’ Recommendations and Press Sentiment: Complementary or Alternative to Drive Investors’ Trading Behavior?Journal of Behavioral Finance10.1080/15427560.2023.2257342Link
2023Favalli, RobertoContested Visions of Cyborgs: Sociotechnical Futures in the Field of Brain-Computer InterfacesTecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies10.6092/issn.2038-3460/17608Link
2023Rubin, Andrea; Brondi, Sonia; Pellegrini, GiuseppeShould I trust or should I go? How people perceive and assess the quality of science communication to avoid fake newsQuality & Quantity10.1007/s11135-022-01569-5Link
2023Gianni, Eleni; Tyrologou, Pavlos; Couto, Nazaré; Correia, Vitor; Brondi, Sonia; Panagiotaras, Dionisios; Koukouzas, NikolaosNatural hazard insurance: dissemination strategies using geological knowledgeEnvironment Systems and Decisions10.1007/s10669-023-09936-9Link
2023Biddau, Fulvio; D'Oria, Ester; Brondi, SoniaCoping with Territorial Stigma and Devalued Identities: How Do Social Representations of an Environmentally Degraded Place Affect Identity and Agency?Sustainability10.3390/su15032686Link
2023Brondi, Sonia; Emiliani, Francesca; Piscitelli, Lydia; Valdré, LeliaChallenges and worries in life stories of women with bleeding disordersPsicologia della Salute10.3280/PDS2023-002008Link
2023Morsello, BarbaraYou definitely need a mastectomy if you are mutated! Experiencing breast cancer among genetic responsibilities and risk-reducing practicesSalute e Società10.3280/SES2023-001011Link
2023De Vincenzo, Ciro; Stocco, Nicolo; Modugno, RaffaeleA Critical Sociocultural Understanding of Evidence-Based Research and Practice Paradigm in Contemporary PsychologyIntegrative Psychological and Behavioral Science10.1007/s12124-023-09798-5Link
2023Farci, Manolo and Scarcelli, Cosimo MarcoMen have to be competent in something, women need to show their bodies. Gender, digital youth cultures and popularityJournal of Gender Studieshttps://doi.org/10.1080/09589236.2023.2241857
2023Carrosio, Giovanni; De Toni, Andrea; De Vidovich, Lorenzo; Osti, GiorgioLe sociologie della marginalità territoriale alla prova della pandemiaSociologia Urbana E Rurale10.3280/SUR2023-130009
2023Crabu, Stefano; Picardi, Ilenia; Turrini, ValentinaRefused-knowledge during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mobilising Experiential Expertise for Care and Well-beingScience as Culturehttps://doi.org/10.1080/09505431.2022.2138309
2023Crabu, Stefano; Arnaldi, Simone; Viteritti, AssuntaTechnoscience in the Remaking of Human Bodies: Knowledge, Identities and DiscoursesTecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studieshttps://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2038-3460/17953
2022Miele, Francesco; Neresini, Federico; Boniolo, Giovanni; Paccagnella, OmarSupportive care for older people with dementia: socio-organisational implicationsAgeing And Society10.1017/s0144686x20000938
2022Magalhães, Joana; Guasch, Blanca; Arias, Rosa; Giardullo, Paolo; Elorza, Ana; Navalhas, Inês; Marín-González, Esther; Mazzonetto, Marzia; Luís, CristinaA methodological approach to co-design citizen science communication strategies directed to quadruple-helix stakeholders.JCOM: Journal Of Science Communications10.22323/2.21040205
2022Martini, Maria Cristina; Pelle, Elvira; Poggi, Franceso; Sciandra, AndreaThe role of citation networks to explain academic promotions: an empirical analysis of the Italian national scientific qualificationScientometrics10.1007/s11192-022-04485-5Link
2022Ferretti, Riccardo and Sciandra, AndreaDoes the attention-grabbing mechanism work on Sundays? Influence of social and religious factors on investors' attentionReview of Behavioral Finance10.1108/RBF-03-2021-0047Link
2022Biddau, Fulvio; Brondi, Sonia; Cottone, Paolo FrancescoUnpacking the psychosocial dimension of decarbonization between change and stability: A systematic review in the social science literatureSustainability10.3390/su14095308Link
2022Brondi, Sonia; Neresini, Federico; Sciandra, AndreaThe social representation of nanotechnologies and its relationships with those of science and technology: Making familiar the unfamiliar between enthusiasm and cautionJournal of Risk Research10.1080/13669877.2021.1936606Link
2022Morsello, Barbara and Giardullo, PaoloFree choice in the making: Vaccine-related activism as an alternative form of citizenship during the Covid-19 pandemic.PaCo - Partecipazione e Conflitto10.1285/i20356609v15i3p697Link
2022Stocco, NicolaThe Conspiracy Theory/Vaccine Hesitancy nexus as rhetorical boundary work. A critical analysis of the production of scientific ignorance in literature reviewsPaCo - Partecipazione e Conflitto10.1285/i20356609v15i3p779Link
2022Scarcelli, Cosimo MarcoQuantifying sex. Sex tracking apps and users’ practicesSexualities10.1177/13634607221137323
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2022Lovari, Alessandro and Scarcelli, Cosimo MarcoPratiche comunicative di salute LGBT e social media: una ricerca esplorativa su TikTokSalute e società10.3280/SES2022-002006
2022Cardoso, Daniel Santos and Scarcelli, Cosimo MarcoThe bodies of the (digitized) body: Experiences of sexual(ised) work on OnlyFansMediekultur10.7146/mediekultur.v37i71.122642
2022Bruni, Attila; Hesselbein, Chris; Magaudda, Paolo; Sciannamblo, MariacristinaRemembering Trevor PinchTecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studieshttps://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2038-3460/17562
2022Magaudda, Paolo and Crabu, StefanoDisentangling Futures from a Science and Technology Studies PerspectiveTecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studieshttps://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2038-3460/17576
2022Carrosio, Giovanni; Osti, Giorgio; Kulcsar, Laszlo J.The Chain of Equivalent Demands in the Rise of Rural Neo‐populismRural Sociology10.1111/ruso.12457
2021Brondi, Sonia; Neresini, Federico; Sciandra, AndreaThe social representation of nanotechnologies and its relationships with those of science and technology: Making familiar the unfamiliar between enthusiasm and cautionJournal Of Risk Research10.1080/13669877.2021.1936606Link
2021Brondi, Sonia; Neresini, Federico; Sciandra, AndreaPolitics overwhelms science in the Covid-19 pandemic: Evidence from the whole coverage of the Italian quality newspapersPlos One10.1371/journal.pone.0252034Link
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2020Onorati, Maria Giovanna and Giardullo, PaoloSocial media as taste re-mediators: emerging patterns of food taste on TripAdvisor. Food, Culture & Society, 23(3), 347-365.Food, Culture & Society10.1080/15528014.2020.1715074
2020Piccioni, Tiziana; Scarcelli, Cosimo Marco; Stella, RenatoInexperienced, addicted, at risk. How young people describe their parents’ use of digital mediaItalian Journal of Sociology of Education10.14658/PUPJ-IJSE-2020-1-15Link
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2020Magaudda, PaoloPopulism, Music And The Media. The Sanremo Festival And The Circulation Of Populist DiscoursesPartecipazione E Conflitto10.1285/i20356609v13i1p132
2020Magaudda, Paolo and Solaroli, MarcoPlatform Studies and Digital Cultural IndustriesSociologica10.6092/issn.1971-8853/11957
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2019Tiozzo, Barbara; Pinto, Anna; Neresini, Federico; Sbalchiero, Stefano; Parise, Nicoletta; Ruzza, Mirko; Ravarotto, LiciaFood risk communication: analysis of the media coverage of food risk on Italian online daily newspapersQuality & Quantity10.1007/s11135-019-00897-3
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2019Surian, Alessio and Sciandra, AndreaDigital divide: addressing Internet skills. Educational implications in the validation of a scaleResearch in Learning Technology10.25304/rlt.v27.2155Link
2019Santona, Alessandra; De Cesare, Paola; Tognasso, Giacomo; De Franceschi, Massimo; Sciandra, AndreaThe mediating role of romantic attachment in the relationship between attachment to parents and aggressionFrontiers in Psychology10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01824Link
2019Santona, Alessandra; De Cesare, Paola; Tognasso, Giacomo; De Franceschi, Massimo; Sciandra, AndreaImplementing Low Cost Digital Libraries for Rural Communities by Re-functioning Obsolescent Television Sets: The Offline-pedia ProjectJournal of European Television History and Culturehttps://doi.org/10.18146/2213-0969.2019.jethc169
2019Magaudda, Paolo and Minniti, SergioRetromedia-in-practice: A Practice Theory Approach for Rethinking Old and New Media TechnologiesConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologieshttps://doi.org/10.1177/1354856519842805
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2019Magaudda, PaoloInfrastructures de la musique numérisée les promesses de la « révolution » de la blockchainRevue D'anthropologie Des Connaissanceshttps://doi.org/10.3917/rac.044.0849
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