Renato Stella

Professore ordinario in Sociologia dei Processi Culturali


Renato Stella is Full professor at Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education, and Applied Psychology (FISPPA, University of Padova (Italy). He is member of PhD committee in Social Sciences and he teaches Sociology of Mass Communication (BA in Communication Studies) and New media and online communities (MA in Community psychology).

In the past years he has been coordinator of undergraduate course in Communication Studies, director of Department of Sociology and dean of the Faculty of Political Science. He served as Principal Investigator for national researches group that analysed the role of the media in contemporary society focusing on issues relating to ethic, social capital, public sphere. Recently, he took part in a national research project on media representation of the violence against women (in collaboration with University of Bologna, University of Palermo, University of Turin and University of Salento).

His research deals with media studies; mass society; new media and popular culture; the connection between sexuality, gender and media; porn studies; cybersex and young people. He is particularly interested in qualitative and participatory research.

Recent Publication

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