1. Health, Medicine and Technology

PaSTIS has developed, over the most recent years, an intense research activity on the evolution of biomedical research and clinical practices with particular attention to the role of technoscience.

The research projects carried out and those currently underway favor an interdisciplinary approach and move mainly from the perspective of Science and Technology Studies.

This research area is divided into the following areas:

Translational research: analysis of the social and scientific processes underlying the cooperation between biomedical research laboratories and hospital departments in order to identify innovative therapeutic pathways and to develop new drugs;

Big data and biomedical research: a study of the transformation of biomedical practices in relation to the growing pervasiveness of information technologies, which also offer the possibility of generating and analysing large quantities of genetic and epidemiological data;

Personalized medicine: analysis of the progressive affirmation of research activities and therapeutic protocols on the basis of the genetic profile of the patients, with a specific study of the problems relating to the management of the patient’s body and its relations with doctors;

Health, medicine and well-being in the media: monitoring and analysis of the evolution of media discourse on these issues, their relevance and their contents, exploiting the potential of the TIPS project;

Population aging and care practices: considering the progressive lengthening of the average age and the growing weight of the elderly component in the demographic structure of our country, this field focuses on the transformation processes of therapeutic paths and care practices in the family context, in the network of local services and within residential structures.



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