1. Health, Medicine and Technology

Pa.S.T.I.S. has, in recent years, developed an intense schedule of research activities regarding the evolution of biomedical research and clinical practices, paying particular attention to the role of technoscience. The research projects that have been carried out, and those that are currently in progress, favour an interdisciplinary approach and mainly employ a science and technology studies perspective. This research is divided into the following areas:

Translational research involves the analysis of the social and scientific processes underlying the cooperation between biomedical research laboratories and hospital departments, with the aim of identifying innovative therapeutic pathways and developing new drugs.

Big data and biomedical research investigates the transformation of biomedical practices in relation to the growing pervasiveness of information technologies, which also offer opportunities for generating and analysing large quantities of genetic and epidemiological data.

Personalised medicine research analyses the progressive affirmation of research activities and therapeutic protocols based on the genetic profile of patients, specifically studying problems relating to the management of patients’ bodies and the relations with doctors.

Health, medicine, and well-being media research monitors and analyses the evolution of media discourse and examines their relevance and content. This research exploits the potential of the TIPS project.

Population aging and care practices research considers the progressive increase of the average age of the global population. This research field focuses on transformation processes relating to therapeutic paths and care practices in family contexts, the network of local services, and various residential structures for the elderly.


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