SchoolNET: Innovative tools for sustainable and inclusive redevelopment of school buildings and for urban mobility management

  • Years: 2024-2025
  • Scientific coordinator: Angelo Bertolazzi (DICEA department, University of Padua) 
  • Partners: Dip. FISPPA, DICEA, DPSS, DII; IUAV, Fondazione Fenice, University of Tessaly (Greece)
  • Funding: PR VENETO ESF+ 2021-2027
  • Scientific responsible: Paolo Giardullo


The project is interdisciplinary and transnational, involving collaboration between experts from various subject areas, including urban planning, building engineering, psychology, and sociology. The objective of SchoolNET is to develop an open-source tool that can provide a comprehensive overview of the school system in Padua, covering aspects such as energy performance, safety, accessibility, and sustainable mobility. The purpose of this tool is to provide a concise overview of the school system, including classrooms, buildings, services, and mobility, while highlighting any critical issues. The research conducted by PaSTIS focuses on mobility practices as materially mediated practices. The operational part of the research aims to reconstruct the links between mobility and other practices around schools to explain the various modal choices. This reconstruction will engage in dialogue with a GIS platform resulting from the SchoolNET project interventions. Useful themes will be identified for the development of environmental communication campaigns. These results will also be tested in the Greek context, specifically in Volos in Thessaly.

Research Area: Environment, Sustainability and Territory