Pa.S.T.I.S. Staff

lo staff di pastis

Federico Neresini

Pa.S.T.I.S Coordinator

My research interests are focused on technoscience in a STS (Science & Technology Studies) perspective. In particular, I am interested in the construction processes of scientific knowledge and in analysing technoscience in the public sphere. My research activities concern biomedical issues and nanotechnology. During

Paolo Magaudda

Assistant Professor - Tenured

Paolo Magaudda is Assistant professor (RTD-B) in Sociology of Culture and Communication at the University of Padova (Italy), where he works with the PaSTIS Research Unit at the Department FISPPA and teaches “Digital Innovation and Society”. His main research interests regard the relationship between society, culture and technology and his principal fields are science & technology studies, media studies, consumer studies and sound studies.

Renato Stella

Full Professor

Renato Stella is Full professor at Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education, and Applied Psychology (FISPPA, University of Padova (Italy). He is member of PhD committee in Social Sciences and he teaches Sociology of Mass Communication (BA in Communication Studies) and New media and online communities (MA in Community psychology). In the past years he has been coordinator of undergraduate course in Communication Studies, director of Department of Sociology and dean of the Faculty of Political Science.

Cosimo Marco Scarcelli

Assistant Professor - Tenured

Cosimo Marco Scarcelli (PhD in Social Sciences, 2013) is Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology at the University of Padua where he teaches Sociology of Digital Media and Sociology of Media. His research interests deal with digital media with a focus on identities, young people, intimacy, gender, sexuality, digital literacy and media education.

Giorgio Osti

Associate Professor

In 1983 he graduated in Sociology at the University of Trento from where in 1991 he obtained a PhD in Sociology and Social research. First Researcher and then Associate Professor of Sociology of Environment and Territory at the University of Trieste from 1993-2020 and with the same title since 2020 at the University of Padua. He qualified as a Full Professor in 2013 and 2019.

Nella foto Francesca Gambarotto

Francesca Gambarotto

Associate Professor

Francesca Gambarotto is a Professor of applied economics at the Department of economic and management sciences “Marco Fanno”, University of Padova. She teaches circular economy for local development, regional economics and economics of innovation. Her main research interests are in sustainable territorial development through the analysis of circular economy, firms’ innovation processes and decision-makers polity.

Olga Usachova

PhD Candidate

Olga holds a Master degree in Law from Donetsk National University (Ukraine) and a Master in International Cooperation and Development Studies from School of Advanced Studies – IUSS, Pavia (Italy). In her Master’ thesis, “Integration practices of Syrian refugees in host communities: the case study of Lebanon”, she focused on the social and political aspects of the integration practices of Syrian refugees and Lebanese community response.

Francesco Miele

Postdoc researcher

Francesco Miele is a research fellow at the University of Padua and he works with the PaSTIS research unit. He received the Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento, Italy (2012), and the National Scientific Habilitation for Associate Professor in 14 D1-Sociology of Economics and Work (from March 2017).

Sergio Minniti

Postdoc researcher

My research interests are in the fields of Science & Technology Studies (STS) and New Media Studies with focus on innovation and the digitalization process. My research is markedly interdisciplinary, drawing from STS, anthropology, art, and design. As a researcher, I combine the analysis of contemporary and historical socio-technical phenomena with the conceptual-material design of technology.

Barbara Morsello

Postdoc researcher

Barbara Morsello is a research fellow at the University of Padua and is a member of the Pastis research group. In 2019 she received a Ph.D in Theory and Social Research at the University of Roma Tre and she was subsequently a researcher at the Information and Communication Technology Center of the Foundation Bruno Kessler in Trento.

Paolo Giardullo

Postdoc researcher

Paolo Giardullo (PhD in Sociologia dei fenomeni culturali e dei processi normativi Univ. degli Studi di Urbino) works at the intersection between STS and environmental sociology. He has been invited as a visiting scholar at Katholieke Universiteit di Leuven (Belgium) within Geography Division of Natural Sciences Faculty.
His research considers the construction of environmental data as the outcome of non-institutional processes as citizen science and other bottom-up initiatives.

Marco Rangone


Marco Rangone teaches Economics of Markets and population at the degree course in Sociology and Institutions of political economy at the three year degree of Political Science at the University of Padua.PhD (1994) in Economia politica presso l’Università di Ancona e Master of science (1989) in Science, Technology and Industrialization a Brighton, University of Sussex.

Alessandro Mongili


Alessandro Mongili is a Professor of Sociology and of Processes of Modernization and Technoscience at the University of Padua. He worked previously at the University of Cagliari as a Professor of Sociology and of Sociology of Technology. He was visiting at the USSR Academy of Sciences (1987-1988), at the University of California at San Diego (2004) and Berkeley (2011), at Santa Clara University (2007) and Stanford University (2008).