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Being a visiting scholar at PaSTIS – Un periodo di ricerca a PaSTIS

PaSTIS accepts requests for visiting scholar status from senior scholars, post-docs, and under some circumstances graduate students with projects to be carried out in Padova.

Please Contact Us

Contact for Visiting Candidate @PaSTIS

If you want to spend your visiting in Padova working with PaSTIS members you should demonstrate a genuine scholarly link to our projects and research areas. Therefore, you will be asked to provide a proposal that has to include:

  • indication about the general purpose and duration of your stay
  • to which PaSTIS’ research area your research fits best
  • information about field research you would like to carry during your stay, if any
  • a proposal for a seminar about your research to be included in PaSTIS’ Events agenda
  • your up-to-date CV

The visiting position at PaSTIS has no fee and it will guarantee access to the Cesarotti building, the seat for FISPPA department Section of Sociology and to its facilities (printers, scanners, desktops, small kitchen, the garden).

Submit your proposal and/or enquiries to [email protected]

Below you can find the of scholars who have already been visiting the PaSTIS research Unit.


2019 – Alessandro Franco (University of Maastricht – Intership period)

2018 – Sergio Minniti (Yachai Tech University, Ecuador)

2016 – Yurij Castelfranchi (UFMG – The Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasile)

2015 – Maria Luísa Nozawa Ribeiro (Federal University of São Carlos – Brasile)

2014 –Inmaculada Lara Vargas (University of Almeria)

2014 – Jen Fuller (School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University)

2013 – Hector Ariel Feruglio Ortiz (Universidad Nacional de Catamarca)

2013 – Adriana Chiancone (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)

2012 –  Naira Dìaz Moreno (Universidad de Granada)

2011 – Marc Elam (University of Gothenburg)

2009 – Barbara Allen (Virginia Tech University)


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