Being a visiting scholar at PaSTIS

PaSTIS accepts requests for visiting scholar status from senior scholars, post-docs, and under some circumstances graduate students with projects to be carried out in Padova.

If you are interested in being considered for visiting scholar status, please contact us. On the right of the page: the list of scholars who have already been visiting the PaSTIS research Unit.



2015Maria Luísa Nozawa Ribeiro (Federal University of São Carlos – Brasile)

2014 – Jen Fuller (School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University)

2013Hector Ariel Feruglio Ortiz (Universidad Nacional de Catamarca)

2013Adriana Chiancone (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)

2012 –  Naira Dìaz Moreno (Universidad de Granada)

2011Marc Elam (University of Gothenburg)

2009Barbara Allen (Virginia Tech University)