Naira Díaz Moreno


Universidad de Granada

Degree in Pharmacy, PhD student at the University of Granada in the course of study “Fundamentals of Curriculum and Teacher Training in the Areas of Primary and Secondary Education” with Quality Mention of the MEC, she was awarded a scholarship for research and teaching in “Science Education” at the University of Almería. His studies are based on socio-scientific controversies, evident in some of the most topical issues of our society (homeopathy, OGM, …) and their use for the purposes of science education.

She published the article “Controversia socio-científicas: temas e importancia para la eduación científica” [1] in the journal “Eureka sobre Enseñanza y Divulgación de las Ciencias”, Vol 9, No 3: 9 (3), September 2011, and the book “Controversias socio-científicas en la prensa almeriense: estudios preliminares” [2] (Ed. Universidad de Almería, ISBN: 9788415487005, March 2012). In both works socio-scientific disputes have been studied and analyzed in the media, in particular their variations in newspapers and educational publications, aimed at teaching (the way in which the media will approach the problem of disputes is conciliation). The analysis of educational publications were selected programs that use disputes and, through them, develop various faculties of the pupil: science education (it is essential that students be taught science from a young age), critical thinking, deepening of scientific culture, etc.

[1] “Disputes social scientific: issues and importance for Science Education”.

[2] “Disputes social scientic in newspapers of Almería: preliminary studies”.