Volunteering and rivers: a sociological space

  • Period: 2020-21
  • Coordinator: Giorgio Osti
  • Financial support: CSV Padova
  • Partners: colleagues from Italian universities and other scholars


The research focuses on the relationship between rivers and people and we seek to investigate all forms of social aggregation that revolve around a common interest such as the river. The research encompasses the ambitious objective of attempting to understand this phenomenon on both a national and international level. In such a moment of historic environmental fragility, we find it interesting to trace the formal and informal dynamics, such as voluntary activities, put in place by people and to attempt to understand what induces them to dedicate their interest and energy towards rivers. The river therefore becomes no longer just a natural element but rather an instigator of social aggregation.
It is particularly interesting to reconstruct the map of organizations that are active in the territory. The number of people and their geographical location allows us to recreate a physical and relational map that would allow us to gain a better understanding of the situation. The study also aims to reconstruct the matrices of meaning that unite individuals, orienting their actions.

Link: https://www.areefragili.it/storico-scuole-ricercazione/volontari-di-fiume

Research Area: Environment, Sustainability, and Territory